Scaffoldings Products :

Scaffoldings Systems Lattice Frame Model ( SLM )


This model is used for multipurpose uses like supporting slabs, beams, staging of bridges etc., The lattice inside the Frame facilitates climbing very easy. The clearance in the frame provides an easy walk way on the floor.

Components & Features

  • Made out of 40 NB (OD 48.3 mm) ERW Mild Steel tubes confirming IS -1239 Part -1 or IS -1161 -1998
  • Frame are 32 NB tube 125 mm long spigot for continues connections
  • 20 NB (OD 27 mm) Medium class tubes for cross bracing.


Standard Size
Height 2000 mm
Width 1000 mm
Centre Distance (mm to mm) 2250 mm

Walk Board

Walk board is used to stand and work safely on top of the scaffolding systems. The hooks provided at the ends ensures proper seating of board above the scaffolding frame


Standard Size
Size 230x2250 mm